Quasi-drugs and hair growth shampoo

There are people in the world who can not neglect daily shampoo. Women and others may be particularly so, but even men have such a person. For women, there are many noisy people especially in hair care etc, so it may be natural to wash your hair at the same time as taking a bath every day.


Some men also care about hair care. Some men have shorter hair, so some of them are actually doing shampoo once every two days. It seems that it is basically based on shampooing every day that people who put a lot of fat on the scalp.


Otherwise, the hair and scalp will be sticky all the time the next day.


Various kinds also exist in shampoo. The shampoo which we commonly use is called a higher alcohol type shampoo. A higher alcohol type shampoo is a merit that it is cheap and easy to purchase, it is a shampoo for mainly focusing on hair care.


Although it is excellent in hair care, it is unsuitable for the care of the scalp, and if you think about hair growth etc., you can say that this higher alcohol type shampoo is unsuitable.


Recently I decided to refrain from using higher alcohol type shampoo and started using shampoo for hair growth recently because my heredity is a bit conspicuous because of my heredity. Hair restoration shampoo is also called medicated shampoo and it is treated as quasi-drugs.


Is it easy to understand that quasi-drugs are something that exists between cosmetics and medicines? However, due to quasi-drugs, it does not guarantee the effectiveness of the product surely.


For that reason, when purchasing hair restoration shampoo etc., forgetting that it is quasi-drugs for the time being, it is necessary to firmly confirm its ingredients and so on. Hair restoration shampoo basically contains many amino acid type shampoo containing amino acid.


Because amino acids are proteins, they are also very good for the care of scalp and hair made of protein. Since hair wash shampoo uses amino acids as a cleaning component, irritation to the scalp is naturally small, and the burden on the scalp is also very low.


However, hair-growth shampoo is much more expensive compared with higher alcohol type shampoo etc. This is not because it is quasi-drugs, but because of the process of making hair-growth shampoos and the ingredients used. Hair restoration Shampoo is rich in natural ingredients, so it is expensive for that reason.